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No one knows for sure, when graffiti alphabet began to paint the walls of the city. But according to some historical records, when the time of the movement, street art has become a habit. Even at the time, used as a provocation to foster patriotism. Over time, this art evolved into an art that became an important genre in the world of art.

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Although not all graffiti artists recognize alphabet as an art-and some even regard it as an act of vandalism-. But graffiti continues to grow and begin to get a respectable place in society. Therefore, as a bomber, we must maintain the idealism to inform the world of a street art began to squirm. Although there are bombers still using violence to get support. If there's something happen in your society because of your bomber or friends, you will get another responsibility due to this problem.

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Be smart boys! And keep drawing graffiti alphabet to color your world!

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