Draw Blue Bubble Graffiti Letters For Beginners


Merely letters can be option for bubble graffiti letters presented. For writer that happens to have the problem of detail, motif or imaging for the complete appearance for the graffiti letters that his been doing, letters is the only answer. Made your letters big enough to cover the entire wall, and just left some small space for the background to make appearance.

Like what this picture shows, which letters, are perfectly sized the wall. That’s why this way can be the only way to draw graffiti letters for someone who knows what lack in his skill. Don’t worry, this kind of style is good enough to consider as good graffiti letters too, as long as you put your mind in it.

And now is your turn! What? Yeah! Your mind is the most powerful graffiti tool in this world. You must control you own mind and start to create the best graffiti letters in your canvas. Let’s try it brother!

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