Draw Graffiti Alphabets

draw graffiti alphabets

First, prepare the tools that will be used to draw graffiti alphabet. Such as chalk, spray paint, masks, wall paint, brushes, sandpaper, tools such as airbrush compressor, needles, and paint. If you have, clean the walls of some disturbing shit like posters, or maybe the old graffiti that is damaged. Once clean, immediately make your graffiti sketch on the wall using chalk.

The use of lime is used only for beginners who are still learning to make graffiti. But if you are already proficient, then you can just use spray paint or airbrush. By using the chalk, the drawing graffiti alphabets you will look more organized. Some street artists prefer to use spray paint directly, because it will produce a more realistic picture.

For the image above graffiti alphabets using arrow style as the basic theme. Black color is used to create 3-dimensional impression of strength. whereas a contrasting background colors and bright characters will bring up the impression arises.

Do not forget to give impressions on your alphabet graffiti painting. Yup, do not let your job hijacked by another bomber.

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