Tag Graffiti Letters The Basic Concept

A tag is a nickname you pick for yourself. A tag is based on calligraphy, which is defined as the "art of writing". Graffiti artists refer to themselves as "writers". I guess you could call tags urban calligraphy.

A tag is basically a signature. If you practice and practice and write it enough times, it will begin to develop a unique style. It will become recognizable and stand out. It becomes your logo or brand. Tags eventually led to the development of more complex graffiti art forms, such as throw-ups and wild style pieces. I have two tags so far that I'm still working on. Writers often have a number of different tag names. You can, too.

So its the time to create the identity for yourself! You can use your original name or fictitious name. But graffiti artists usually use nickname as identity for the graffiti that they make.

According to you, is learn to draw graffiti letters requires a special talent? In my opinion, it is not, because each person can learn to draw graffiti letters. Therefore, you can also do so. Take paper, pen and start to write the letter you like. For example, your name.

This is the initial stage to learn to draw graffiti letters. Yes, write your name as the first step lessons start this. To help you, I will give a lot to learn about video draw graffiti letters. You ready?

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