Stencil Graffiti Art; Tricks and Collection

stencil graffiti music

Black and white became the main color in stencil graffiti art on this one. Yes, indeed these two colors are intentionally removed. Although sometimes there are only a few bombers to use black color only. It's Okay!

As airbrush art that developed in my territory, stencil graffiti art has the same method with the airbrush. The use of paper media as drawing tools aid has an important role in the success of creating street art stencil graffiti with this theme.

First, you must create your images on a large paper and a bit thick, and holes in the image you created earlier by using a knife/cutter. When finished, you can start coloring the wall by using this paper. Paste this paper in the wall that you have prepared, and then begin to paint with spray paint.

You must put the paper firmly, so that no peeling when you do the painting. If the paper off, then the results of stencil graffiti will experience distortion and coloring that occurs usually do not have a definite character.

Okay, it was clear with this one trick? Now it's time you try yourself to make stencil graffiti.

stencil graffiti man

stencil graffiti black

stencil graffiti art


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