Face Graffiti Art Collection

graffiti with real eyes

This time I will discuss about the face graffiti, which is a unique theme in the street art world. Face can be formed with thousands of characters. Look at the twins, they would have a difference even if only 1 point only. So we will be more freedom of expression.

The next question is ... whether we should be good at drawing faces before pouring our ideas into the face graffiti? Hmm ... for me it does not have to, because with your own ability, anyone can make this theme come alive. But, its better if you learn the face character first. :)

Look at our collection of blogs about this graffiti face. There is indeed a realist style, but there is also a half-cartoon style. And all the pictures look very good here. Okay, having seen the face collection of graffiti art here, of course you have some idea about this theme.

The more often you train your ability to draw a face, and then you will find some characters that can be developed in accordance with your own style. Because there is no standard in the art world, especially in street art.

Now it is time to enjoy a collection of graffiti on the face of our blog and pour this idea in your head in a paper. After that, let the brush and paint the wall behind the dance in your house.

gas mask graffiti

funny face graffiti

hand eye graffiti


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