Tips On Drawing Contrast Graffiti Letters With Your Gang!


On the process of making. At the picture we can see clearly that the can loitering around at the scene, as common for creativity process. From the graffiti letters we can see some tag, this mean that this work is done by group. On blue background, letters make the best contrast by red and orange gradation. Shading with black, the graffiti letters perfectly seized in harmony with its background. Letters modified nicely and it’s easily to spell. The whole scene of this graffiti letters really catchy for the eyes and quite cool.

By the way, the contrast system to draw graffiti on your wall, can give your admirer an easy way to recognize the word. But, there are some secrets on this picture that not everyone knows about it. Yup! It is easier if you draw your graffiti with your own group. Not only to make your gang famous, but it’s better to apply few styles on your work art together. OK! Let’s do our work, make some graffiti letters on your wall and than show me your result!

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