Attractive Graffiti Letters On the Fence

Fence not bad at all. For graffiti letters any surface can be use as canvas. No exception for fence too. What important is what you apply by that surface, is it good or bad, can be enjoy or just completed the bored. In these graffiti letters the fence that engraved with is wooden source.

For the coloring theme, there’s blue on the background and for the letters is mixture of black, yellow, and orange. Draw with spray can I can tell that, of course by seeing the trace of its brush stroke. The modification letters still spell able, so I think that quite good. After all how can we understand it if we don’t know what the meaning?

Viewed from the game colors applied in this graffiti letters, graffiti bombers have enough high experience. The combination that is used is bright and able to make the atmosphere of this fence more attractive. Black lines into the barrier become very prominent character, so the accent firmly will appear as another effect.

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