Color Game On Graffiti Alphabet, But Don't Overdo It!


Sparkling colors embedded the paper as the canvas for graffiti alphabets. So rich in color, and make the viewer feel the energy of the writer. Excitement can be a taste from this graffiti alphabet. Even the modification alphabets simply done but the coloring are the most interesting parts of the graffiti. Look at the picture, so many motifs can be found engraving the alphabets cutely. Even the background attached with a motive too. These kind of mixing colors surely draw people to know, what actually covered with those Dazzling colors.

I am also a bit confused when getting a picture of this graffiti, because for some bombers, this picture is not included in the graffiti art. But thing that I want to take from this picture is the quite beautiful colors combination. And its can force me to put it in this blog.

Although the drawing graffiti, does not have to use colors that game too much. But you have to look sharp in any color combination that will produce a better graffiti. In practice sense of coloring, you can use Photoshop or Corel draw. But there is no insurance in this field. Any trick that you build a graffiti alphabet is a separate credit for yourself.

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