Big Wall Graffiti Letters Modification

Never ending creativity can make you to this point. Not just filled the space by the wall but actual art that can be enjoyed. Graffiti letters sure have this magnet of over power the human strength; in term of creativity and imaginary. Never gonna be this kind of modification of letters or mixture of colors if not because of graffiti letters great influence. Just looking of the picture I’m convinced that human has this ability of creativity in the way of voicing their mind. For this picture, the beautiful mixture of letters and the background colors really suit each other and take the wall in to another level.

Erased the wall invaded with new chapter of graffiti letters. For not consider this act as the vandalism, I would like to see it as redoing or refreshing the old stuff, as for this the old graffiti letters for the new themed one. Not always by the same artist, changing can be made by others persons or groups. And not always the same issues, or rather I said never be the same issues. The new one is the new ideas and of course a new shape and type will be create to replace that already exist work. This graffiti letters shows this reality, from the new one, still can be trace previous works.

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