Skull Graffiti Letters With Gradation

graffiti letters image

From the picture we still see some of belonging in front of the graffiti letters, seems to be the writer possession. Break from the routine and pack your can with you. Find the right wall and spent the whole day applying your letters with paint voicing your mind can be a break trough. Don’t mind with the sarcasm, or critic that absolutely gonna hit you, just let it flow. In one condition of course, all that you do is not vandalizing property. This breaks, may cost you to do extra work, but the release you feel are real for sure to addict. But don’t be afraid; to be able to make that kind of graffiti letters like one on the picture, I think that is a good sign of conscious.

graffiti letters photo

Out of place is the feeling I sense by looking that graffiti letters. Not just that, I also consider this as vandalism act, sinful contract. Or I say that this graffiti alphabet may be consider as one of the good looking graffiti worth to see, without that vandalism act of course. Modification letters on arrowed style, really done smoothly, and the colors mixture is perfect. Only use orange and its gradation by the letters for surface, lined and shading, and blue accent in some parts of letters surly a talented give. Its very much pity, coz that graffiti letters seem to have this ‘pass censor’ looks.

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