Wall Graffiti Letters Combine With Mural

graffiti letters photo

Invaded by the alien. These graffiti letters have an extraordinary scene to enjoy. Alien damage as the theme of this graffiti letters, sounds very amusing to have. The alien though not very scary to see, but the damage seems to appear by the modification letters.

The coloring mixture of letters consist in yellow and grey, attach with distort effect for the two colors separation. The alien seems invading the letters in its tentacle lettering around the letters. Background on green and the light green caging the word, looks chilled. The black shading on letters delivered the same signal.

A graffiti combine with murals also occurred in many areas in this country. We can easily found this combination. But each bomber has their own character. Some of bomber who like to combine their art work with mural too. But there are also bomber who just wanna draw a pure graffiti letters without any annoying mural.

And what about you? A pure graffiti bomber or a graffiti mural bomber?

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