How To Read Hip-Hop Graffiti Letters

graffiti letters image
Spelling graffiti letters can be quite difficult to do. That could happen because the modification letters which used by the writer not familiar trough the audience. Or the modification is kind of a new invention, so there are a few people who recognize it. This graffiti letters seem to be taking the second condition. The DJ playing the music and intoxicated whom listened to his music. With that smoking looks of modification letters which is crawling in the air like some kind of poison mist. Taking the white and blue gradation, the coloring letters really represent the fogging looks. And white background that some how looks baring all the sin, begin to pollute.

graffiti letters photo

Violet may looks awfully ugly in this graffiti letters. Not sure what that point of spreading the paint like what we see in the picture. I don’t mind with monotone color, but the way of applying in these graffiti picture is he one I offended with. It can be lots better if the coloring done neatly. Try to write the letters with more light or dark color, in this one I think the dark theme suit the graffiti art. Then take that modify letters that already wrote in dark violet to look more stunning by applying the more light violet for the background. To make the whole scene more interesting, why don’t make some shape for the background looks, bubbles shape, or clouds like shape behind letters and let the white surrounding the graffiti letters for an ultimate looks.

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