Light Graffiti Art Photo Tricks Collections!

light graffiti art skull face

Frankly, I'm still new in the world of light graffiti. And this article is the first experiment in this art world. Hmm ... to make a breakthrough in the art of the streets do need extra power. What distinguishes the art of graffiti that is, light graffiti can not be enjoyed continuously. It must be recorded using a digital camera, just to see the results.

Unlike the graffiti wall that we can enjoy every moment. because it is plastered there. Painted on the wall, or in vehicles. Light graffiti can be enjoyed even if only a glimpse, but it has the effect of high art. Look at my collection this one. You will be curious about how to make it.

light graffiti art pick me up

light graffiti art the body

light graffiti art stranger

light graffiti art blasting

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