The Secret of Mural and Graffiti

mural graffiti art

What is most overlooked in drawing murals or graffiti? Whether the talent to draw, art or desire? Hmm .. Many people mistakenly take this answer. If we only use the talent for drawing, then what about people who do not have the talent? If they cannot draw graffiti? Of course not.

What if we are only concerned with aspects of art in drawing the mural? Hmm .. it looks good, but if the graffiti is only struggling in the aspect of art and talent? I think not.

What about the strong desire of the bombers? Yup! For me, this aspect is most important. Why? Because of the strong desire that we have, then we will produce images containing expressive and powerful emotion.

Know what I mean? Graffiti or mural is not just how art is created, but how the power of emotions can be displayed in any street art. With the power of emotion, the message in the image will be embedded into the minds of people who see it. It honed the skills necessary to be able to display works of graffiti that has psychological and emotional effects.

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