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draw murals

Whichever comes first? The main picture or backdrops? Several bombers would prefer the main graffiti drawing first and then create a new backdrop. This is to facilitate us in doing the work order. And of course the results we get will be more focused. Backdrop amplifier functions as the main image. Usually backdrop created by using colors of the younger. And sharpness also made minimal.

With a combination of backdrop and optimal main image, will produce a powerful mural force. The main image will look more real and backdrops were also seen together with him.

But remember ... not every backdrop using lighter colors, the mural is just as an example for you in learning to understand the difference between the main images with the background. Do not let the mural you created did not show strength. And you know that make a mural is not that easy! You need to improve your skills by drawing some mural.

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