Is Mural Identical With Criticism to the Government?


Mural art is a form of art that is almost similar to the art of graffiti. Why do I say similar because these two works of art both meaning or a moral value contained in these works. Mural art is rarely so we meet around the small towns. Art is made by Bomber aimed to criticize, harass, or praise about a state of society or politic.

Mural art is often used to criticize the government's less fair to the people. Because of it Mural Arts often stamp as criminal by the local community. But there is also some Bomber who made this mural art as a actualizing for each bomber. Mural art is usually a caricature of a person or an animation depicting the criticism.

I think why the hell is this art most of the banned or criminal cap when art is very beautiful and has a meaning or a unique meaning. Even so I'm sure Bomber in Chicago will not stop to work. Mural art is often made in the walls in the middle of a big city. Although in my area is still little, Mural Art, I will introduce the community around.

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