Graffiti Writing, History and Secret!

Today I will explain a little about Graffiti Writing history, in fact many informants who explained that the graffiti was from here-there but all the same sources point ... I will explain very beginning Graffiti street ... But it's up to you, too, want to respond or not that important .. I want a little give information / knowledge that is useful to you .... do not blame?? hehe..... okay now I'm starting.

Graffiti is actually the word is taken from the Latin words namely "GRAPHIUM" in the sense of Indonesian "Write", Actually, this word is commonly used by archaeologists to examine the writings contained Greek ancient-building, Egypt, and ancient Rome. Graffiti activity actually started since the ancient Roman ... usually these graffiti-graffiti on the show to the government at that time because of less well in managing the government. and their communities continue to write papers disappointed walled homes.

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