Graffiti Alphabets Arts Better Than Natural Arts

wall graffiti arts

There was no denying if a graffiti art as art likened to rebellion. Why do people think like this? Because sometimes graffiti art voices louder than the voice of political party members of parliament.

Graffiti bomber is more of a voice of conscience of the small people who have been oppressed by the injustice that occurred. They became the mouthpiece of the common people have to make sense! No longer be second class citizens in this country.

If you want to become more useful to society, hence defending them, help them with the power of art that you have. It's not about art, this is not about graffiti wall, but this is about our struggle in getting the right as citizens.

Come on, multiply your graffiti work, and find that voice at the table of parliament.

wall graffiti

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