Secret Graffiti Alphabet Contest Criteria

Graffiti alphabet in United States is very much especially in big cities like New York, New Castle, Los Angeles and others. Since the number of works produced by the Bomber and the surrounding communities can enjoy the beauty of these works so that people can slowly accept graffiti alphabet arrival.

After a long run, the public can accept graffiti alphabet and many companies are holding a competition about graffiti. If my experience the criteria to be able to win the graffiti competition, is as follows:

  1. In terms of color, contrast or color if the collision (Not Specified).

  2. In view of the complexity of the fonts. Note: the fonts should be read by the jury in

  3. Neatness and the brightness in the graffiti color.

  4. Must fit the theme graffiti competition.

  5. The font outline at about 1-1.5 cm. Records, you should use the super skinny caps.

But the average to win a graffiti competition, you should use 3D graffiti alphabets. This I have proved. May you be a reliable graffiti Bomber and can win the competition.

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