Scary Skull 3D Graffiti Alphabet With Black Background

3D Graffiti Alphabet Images
SCARY on the looks but not bad in the colors. Making the background as black as you can see, then put some smoky look, with brown or red combination. Your 3D graffiti alphabets should bright enough for the background to contrast with, and this picture show you how you can do it. that blue color caging the 3D graffiti alphabets not only one element that rose the 3D graffiti alphabets. The bright green of the shading, take the arrowed modify 3D graffiti alphabets more shine. The alphabets it self having almost all colors in, we can sense this mix on the 3D graffiti alphabets. Not sure what the true colors of alphabets, coz the colors mixing all together as motif for the alphabets.

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